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This modern, air-suction table, with the patented manifold core top, is available with a hardboard surface or with a satin smooth plastic laminate surface. Air suction provides unequalled power to stabilize or compress. The table construction is heavy duty POW-R-PAX and the air motor, air distribution system and all hardware are of the finest PHILLOCRAFT quality. Also included are patented manifold core tops and precut PVC piping/fitting system.​​​​Blower motors and reversing drum kit sold separately.
  • 4 HP Blower Kit (Part No. 64-2320) $5,600.00
  • Reversing Drum Switch (Part No. 64-2168) ​$1,300.00
  • We recommend that a single blower never exceed 96 square feet of Air-Vac coverage. It may not be necessary to use additional blowers in every case. Each individual application must be considered.
Made in the U.S.A.
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