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The PHILLOCRAFT AIR-TEX table offers the latest innovations in air table technology, utilizing highly automated facilities to produce a superior product. Air is forced up through small holes in the surface of the top by means of a specially engineered, quiet filtered air system. A boundary layer of air forms, allowing effortless movement of heavy materials over the table surface. 
Installation is simple with the AIR-TEX table's uniquely compact design and new stronger components which allow you greater flexibility. 
  • High quality POW-R-PAX frame-work of heavy gauge strip steel with smooth rolled edges.
  • Specially machined hardboard tops with self-contained air channels.
  • Modular design air components include heavy duty manifolds and powerful blowers.
  • Legs adjust from 33" to 37" high. Optional height adjustments from 26-3/8" to 43-3/4" are also available.
  • Parallel apron rails form a permanent steel edge foundation for tops and tracks.
  • Invisible steel spline clamping bars connect tops together to form a smooth, continuous surface.
  • Section control and special blower arrangements can be ordered for operational flexibility.
  • Stocked in 220V/3P/60 cycle and 440V/3P/60 cycle. Other voltage is available on special order.
  • Satin smooth plastic laminate tops are also available.
Dual Trunk Line - $230.00 per four foot section.

Blowers and Motor Starters are sold separately. See below for more information.

Add $2 per square foot for AT3 lateral flow tops.

Blower Kits & Parts

2.0 HP Blower (Part No. 64-2310)
  • Lineal Flow = Floating down length of table
  • Lateral Flow = Floating down length and/or across width of table
  • When dealing with heavier applications, it is best to use the 2 HP blowers because they offer the highest air pressure capabilities.
  • Blower kits include mounts with hardware, rubber adapters, and 4" tees. Motor starters and wiring not included.
Made in the U.S.A.
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